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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Time for Madam President and Bernie To Dance

Game over. Hard to swallow when you  lose. Ask any athlete. We have all been there. Even spectator sports can be that way. Ask any Bears fan and they can tell you the feeling. And up to now any Cubs fan. The feeling that somehow you were robbed. That someone didn't play fair. I remember when my son played baseball and we had lost the championship game on a close call. I even called the league commissioner to complain. But we had lost.

And now Bernie has lost. It is hard to believe his campaign imploded with a loss in California. The come from behind Socialist almost seemed like he might slingshot himself into the front runner light. But the math was against him and Bernie made some mistakes along the way. But there was inevitability of history on the side of Hillary Clinton. Someone had to break through for women and it was Hillarys destiny to be that person.

And so now Bernie says he will fight on. To what end. He has lost in every way. By math and by the popular vote. The glimmer of hope has been snuffed. The rallies are just rallies now. There is no payoff. Time to dance with Madam President and get what you can.

Madam President

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