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Monday, June 13, 2016

Madam President Will Have To Take on the AR 15

They designed it for Vietnam to match the Russian Kalashnikov. It was light weight, versatile, fired on automatic or manual. The M 16 could go under water and fire and take just about anything. And it was deadly. A  soldier could wipe out a squadron of Viet Cong with his M 16. Soldiers loved the rifle and there it should have stayed. It was designed to kill people. The problems is it's cousin the AR 15 is now the gun of choice of the mass murderers of the twenty first century. And the American people are in it's crosshairs.

Lets not go on about the NRA. People may kill people and not guns,  but someone will have to take on the fact a weapon designed to kill massive amounts of people is accessible to any self radicalized budding jihadist in America. Hillary Clinton is the only candidate willing to take on the gun industry. Bernie won't. Donalds answer is to lock and load. But the truth is we are all a target now. Think on this. One person killed forty nine people and wounded another forty. He could only do that with massive firepower.

Access to automatic weapons is killing us. We know this now. Sandy Hook. Orlando. San Bernandino. Madam President will have her biggest challenge getting the AR 15 back into the hands of the military and not civilians. The dark jungles of Viet Nam have given us a horrible legacy and it's killing Americans in record numbers. Fifty is now the benchmark.

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