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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Madam President Breaks the Glass Ceiling

Alice Paul and the sufferegettes would be smiling. The women's rights activist who was put into any insane asylum and force fed after being imprisoned and beaten for protesting to get women the right to vote could only marvel that it took this long for a woman to be nominated to become President of the United States. Fifty years after African Americans had the vote women still did not. But Alice Paul and others fought for the right and paid a heavy price. And now Hillary Clinton, like her or hate her, has become the Democratic nominee to become President of the United States.

Not be outdone Donald Trump has just claimed he broke the glass ceiling with hiring women in the construction industry. Alice Paul would yawn on that one. But this time Hillary finally broke through. She had come close before but now it really was one small step for women one giant leap for women kind. The narrative for a  woman president has been mostly lost in the Trump onslaught. He has managed to push the election into the circus arena where any true accomplishments is buried under Trump theatrics.

We are jaded to history now. It has become a bit passe. We had the first black President and now we have the possibility of a woman President. The moment is mostly lost under noise, but the women who chained themselves to the White House gates during Woodrow Wilsons presidency and endured cold and misery during the winter of 1919 would appreciate the significance of this moment. The glass ceiling has finally been shattered.

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