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Monday, June 20, 2016

Angry White Men

I know  alot of angry white men. They hate Hillary. Lothe her. Love Donald. They live in the hinterlands and suburbs. Some exist on Social Security or small savings. Things have not worked out. The American Dream did not pay off. A lot of them  worked in the industrial old economy. Some have retired but not really. They don't have enough money to go out to eat a lot and have to lease their cars. They wish the world would turn back into one of  big expense accounts and company cars and big fat salaries.

If there is anyone the angry white men hate more than Hillary it is Obama. They get red in the face when they talk about how the White House was taken over. A coup no less. Obamacare is destrorying the country y along with Rachel Madddow and Lawrence O'Donnell. Thank God for Fox News. At least there are a few real Americans among the lame stream media. And Sarah Palin was a babe and had some really good ideas. Too bad that POW from Vietnam blew the election.

The angry white mans wife is mad too. After all she got parked too and has been forced to watch the world careen into insanity with gay marriage, African American presidents. You cant even go to the bathroom anymore or you might walk in on a man dressed like a woman. Donald is their only hope. The angry white man sees this election as the last fall back, the battle of the bulge of the old good world where mom  was home, Leave it To Beaver was on and we didnt even know we had gay people.

And we sure as hell didnt think about electing a woman for a president.

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