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Monday, May 16, 2016

Why the Precariat Should vote for Madam President

The Precariat is the new term for the proletariat. Add precarious to proletariat and you have precariat. It denotes the workers in America whose jobs have vanished or  feel any day their jobs could vanish. Donald Trump has triumphed largely because he has convinced the precariat that only he can rescue them and bring back jobs overseas to this country. But it is Donald's class the one tenth of one percent that sold the jobs overseas with trade agreements and outsourcing. He could not be a billionaire without keeping workers in the precarious position of being undercut by someone in Japan or India.

The First Woman President is more simpatico with the hopes and fears of the precariat. Hillary Clinton by definition has devoted her life to the cause of working people. It is part of the Democratic party DNA. The Republican DNA has always been wrapped up with business which has a vested interest in keeping workers off balance or precarious. But more than that it is part of the Unions DNA which is the only organization left to battle the Masters of the Universe or the Trumps of the world. Donald Trump doesn't give a damn about the precariat but Hillary Clinton actually does.

Women are a minority in this country. They didn't get the vote until fifty years after African Americans. They still don't make the same as men. They know what it is like to be the outsiders and the last dogs at the bowl. They have had to scratch and claw their way up and there is still a long way to go. The significance of the First Woman President is not that she is a woman but that she knows the precarious existence of being on the outside. A billionaire hasn't a clue.

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