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Thursday, May 19, 2016

Ralph Nader Wants to take down Madam President

Think back. Remember Al Gore? The guy who lost to George Bush. He lost by about 97,000 votes. Remember Ralph Nader the consumer advocate who said Corvairs could blow up. He ran under the Green Party on a platform that included minimum wage, health care, campaign reform. Sound familiar. Everyone told him to get out. They said his third party woud split the vote and hurt the Democrats against George Bush. Nader said he was in it for the good of the country. Gore lost to Bush and Ralph  Nader was universally blamed.

And now we have the Bernie. He now has taken a scorched earth policy. Hes pissed. His supporters are pissed. Clearly a massive conspiracy is sinking Bernie. In the age of a million followers for a funny Youtube video plurarlity is not a bunch of people showing up in stadiums. Bernie is a socialist who has great plans but no way to achive them. He is the fantasy candidate of left while Donald is the fantasy candidate of the right. Both men have ardent followers who belive their cause trumps all else.

But Bernie is now the spoiler. He is Ralph Nader. He doesnt care if  Trump wins he just wants to stop Hillary. If you cant win the game then you destory it. Remember  those guys who would throw the board game when they started to lose. Bernie  doesnt like to lose  and the checkers board is about to go flying. Go Ralph Nader.
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