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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Bernie Sanders Pain

We all want to be President. American boys are told from the beginning they could be President one day. Then they find out they cant. The Socialist Senator from Vermont finds stadiums waiting for him now. He was marginalized before. The MSNBC resident socialist brought on for fire and brimstone and then forgotten. Who could not agree with Bernie? Yes take money from the rich. Yes free college. Yes forgive student debt. Yes break Wall Street. But then another guest would come on and Bernie was forgotten.

So now he faces the spectre of not filling stadiums anymore. Quick who were the Democratic nominess in 2012? How about that other guy from Maryland who was on the stage with Bernie and Hillary? O'Malley something. People who run for President and dont get to the promised land are forgotten quicker than a New York minute. Just ask little Rubio  or Lying Ted or no energy Jeb. Poof. Gone with the Wind. One minute you have fifty microphones in your face and the next you are taking out the trash and all you hear is crickets.

A hard scenario for the Senator from Vermont. Lets face it when you run you are Superman and  then when you come down you are mortal again. Ick. And Bernie might end up somewhere in Hillarys administration or he might just go back to being that  Socialist from Vermont appearing on MSNBC with Rachel Maddow fawning...then moving on to the next guest.

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