Friday, April 1, 2016


They are not Republicans. They are 46 percent of the Republican Party voting for Trump but they are not of the party. They are Revopublicans. They want revolution like Susan Sarandon who says if Bernie does lose that it is better to have Donald Trump because he will blow it all up faster. Isn't that was the Revopublicans want really? To blow it all up because lets face it the American Dream has not delivered and people who are promised something that gets taken away get really pissed. And Revopublicans are pissed.

So lets stop the fiction that they are Republicans. They aren't. They are people who do not like gay marriage, an African American President, women's rights, Muslims, gun laws, multiculturalism, tech, globalism just about any ism except Fascism. They want the world to roll back to about 1955 when America was on top and the rest of the world was on bottom and we had womb to tomb jobs and mom was in the kitchen and dad was coming home from the factory with time to spare and a couple of cars in the garage.

They want Leave it To Beaver and all that world implies and they do not recognize this world. They don't recognize Smartwatches or working from home or 1099 wages or someone in Pakistan knocking them out of a job for two bucks an hour. They don't recognize half the television shows or the movies and they sure don't recognize anyone who is a Democrat. They recognize walls, deportations, bans, citizen patrols, criminalizing abortion, and putting a women in her place. And if it doesn't work out then better to blow the whole thing up.

Just ask Susan Sarandon.

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