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Friday, April 8, 2016

Crazy Old Uncle Bernie

You know that crazy Uncle. He would get you laughing. Kind of cute in a weird old man way. Liable to go off on a rant and say all those things your mother and father would frown at. Like I'm going to break up the banks. Or you can have free college. Or I will help you with your student loans. Or the woman running against him is unqualified. Or you cant sue gun manufacturers. Or we are going to take all the money from the one percent and give it to the middle class,

And then mom would say, how are you going to do that Uncle Bernie? And just like Uncle Donald he didn't have a clue. We are just going to do it. Mom and dad would exchange glances over their coffee. Crazy Uncle Bernie had been through a series of jobs and always been a little unhinged. He would pop up on MSNBC as that Socialist from Vermont and say all the crazy things everyone wanted to say and then he would disappear.

Lately though Uncle Bernie has been getting drunk and hinting that if he can't have things his way then maybe he will let Uncle Donald start coming to the party. Uncle Donald was thrown out a long time ago after a fist fight broke out at Christmas. Well maybe I'll just ask Uncle Donald to come to the party if you don't like what I'm saying he sneered at the last get together. You have to wonder if Crazy Uncle Bernie might just be nuts.

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