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Thursday, March 10, 2016

The Fantasy of the Right and the Left

Fantasy time is what this election is all about. Take the Donald. Fantasy redux. He will come in and deport eleven million people then build the Great Wall of China (America) And get the Mexicans to pay for it. Then he will go over and tell China we no longer will accept their products. The trade war will bring China to it's knees and then he will bring home all the factories. Detroit will become the mecca once again of the Midwest. Then he will amp up the military to a point that everyone else will go home and not even thinking of messing with us. On the way to that he will rid of Obamacare and replace it with something really great and make sure everyone America has jobs while abolishing the Department of Education and the EPA. And this is just for starters.

So that is the fantasy on the right. Lets take the one on the left. Bernie will give everyone free college. He will get rid of those student loans that is around the necks of all those suburban graduates. He then will pivot and give us Medicare for all with womb to tomb coverage. Then he will tear apart Wall Street and the banks and then take the money from the rich and give it back to the middle class whom they stole it from anyway. Then he will get everyone out of jail and make sure racism doesnt exist in the judicial system. Oh then he will get rid of Citizens United and reform the campaign laws. Then we will have a political revolution. And America will be Socialist. And he is just warming up.

So lets take what it's like here on earth. Our most charismatic intelligent President of the last twenty years has been engaged in the worst gridlock in history with the congress. The Congress has ceased to function. Obamacare was only passed after Revolution was threatened. Basically the goverment has been in lockdown shutdown mode for eight years. Gun laws are non starters. Money for our bridges and highways are  non existent. And our elections look like something out of Who Wants to Be a Billionaire.

So there it is. I mean I don't want to be a downer, but has anyone ever heard of bait and switch? Just asking, I  mean maybe all this fantasy stuff can work out, but maybe there is a middle road. Just saying.

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