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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Madam President Sweeps the Board

Well it is over even if Bernie doesn't know it. The Socialist and his millennial hordes  just aren't in the majority and probably after the fight at the Trump rally in Chicago people decided maybe the angry vote  might have a downside. Madam President won Florida, North Carolina, Illinois, Ohio and yes even Missouri. The delegate math is downright ugly for the Bern and it is hard to declare a political revolution when you lose in five states.

But he will continue on. It is his right. But Madam President can now look at Trump and company and start planning how to beat the most dangerous man since Huey Long. The truth is the Republicans do not have a candidate. And so we will now have the phenomenon of the secret  trump vote. It is a good thing people vote in private because this is one time people really will not want people to know which way they voted.

The awful truth is people will vote for a bigoted, racist, xenophobe over Hillary Clinton. And why that is I am not sure. Some sort of weird allegiance to party although Trump is merely renting the Republican Party for this election. The problem is that when he returns the Republican Tent after he gets trounced it will be torn up so badly it will be unusable. Trump is right he brought a lot of people under the Republican umbrella, the problem is they are all going to get rained on.

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