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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Madam President Goes on Fox

Well wonders never cease. Hillary Clinton went on Fox News for an open forum debate. There is a time when this would have never two days ago. Madam President had avoided the network pretty much since she went on Bill O'Reilly in 08 and was grilled for a couple hours. Since then she and the other Democratic Candidates have steered away. But then there was last night with Brett Bair and there were people actually clapping. I guess this is a really different election

Apparently Sanders was supposed to debate Donald Trump but that fell through. And Hillary said she would fill in. And the questions seemed fair. Brett looked like he was enjoying himself and the discourse was....are you ready for this...CIVIL. And I think the Fox News anchor kind of liked that. No one was talking about the size of their hands and other things. No one was shouting at anyone. No one was taunting people about their size, their sweating, the energy,their lies, their hair, their spray tan. In fact no one really lost it. Ho hum.

But Fox News maybe considered that news doesn't have to be straight entertainment.That maybe vitriol is not a good thing. That you can have a policy discussion and be courteous, respectful, and polite. Maybe there is a way to debate and have differences and still believe in the common good.
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