Thursday, March 10, 2016

It is Still Madam Presidents to Lose

1221 to 571. Madam President leads by 650 delegates. Bernie might well win the battle but lose the war. Even when he is up he is down. Take Maine. Hillary still netted more on the night of his upset. By the way the math did her in much the same way with Obama. But Mississippi evened the score and then some. And now she is rolling toward Florida. The Bern needs more than screaming Millennials. He needs massive wins just to catch up and then he needs the Super Delegates to take a second look at him.

This goes along with the electors from each state that actually elect the President. The popular vote is important but it doesn't necessarily mean the people are picking the next President. Look at how the Republcians are scheming to take it from the Donald at the convention. All they have to do is make sure the Donald doesnt get to the promised land with delegate and they can take it. So at this point Madam President is twice as close as the Bern. It is still Madam Presidents to lose.

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