Saturday, February 20, 2016

Will Somebody Tell Ben Carson To Go Home

Why is Ben Carson still running? The phlegmatic if not somnolent neuro surgeon just wont quit. Christie and others have had the decency to bow out and take the burden of watching a stage crowded with candidates.But not Ben. His burden has become our burden. The most hilarious moment was on CNN when he was asked why he was staying in when he was dead last. He looked like Rocky at the end of a long fight.  Because of the millions who want me to stay in he replied in perfect deadpan...blink blink. Then he nodded off. The millions were no where to be found.

But there is something more nefarious about the sleepy Ben Carson and the whole LETS BE PRESIDENT game show. The NY Times speculated that it is good for Ben Carson to keep running because it benefits BEN CARSON. For one it is good for his book sales. And two it is good for his cache as a public speaker. And three it gives him a reason for getting up in the morning even though it looks like he could go back to bed any minute.

But this is not good for our process. First he burns up valuable time on the debate stage. The questions are wasted on him and he knows it and makes quips about not getting time. He also takes votes away (the millions) from the rightful candidates who actually have a chance of becoming the nominee. Also it is craven for Ben to stay in just because he likes the limelight. Lets face it the life  of a retired neuro surgeon probably goes like this: Sleep until noon. Sleep some more. Read. Sleep. Golf. Sleep.Dinner. Nap. Speak sleepily to the wife. And then...zzzzzzzzzz.

So Ben is here to stay. Yawn.

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