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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

There is No Republican Establishment Firewall

There is a fantasy out there. It goes like this. People who are voting for Donald Trump are suffering from temporary insanity and that they really are waiting for a signal from the establishment candidate to fall in line. In this scenario the Trump factor is nothing but a binge on reality television and that the true Republicans will assert themselves and go for Candidate Number Two, Three, or even Four. Hence the Rubio dance after he took THIRD and the Cruz proclamations that sound more like a front runner than a man who has come in FOURTH.

But the truth is this; there is no establishment firewall. Poof. It went up in smoke probably when 2008 blew up and all those Wall Street Firms were bailed out with billions of taxpayer money and the middle class was drained of all it's equity so Hedge Fund Managers could go back to the black jack tables and play with our money again. The big shock to Republicans is that the people voting for Trump (republicans) don't give a damn about being a Republican. They give a damn about surviving which goes back to that basic's the economy stupid.

And who is the economy but Donald Trump. The fantasy that Jeb Bush or Marco Rubio or Ted Cruz are going to light up suddenly and go off like a roman candle and lead the breathren to the promised land is DOA. It doesn't exist. (See Trumps poll numbers after insulting W) The truth is Americans are not ideologues who go on talk shows and talk policy. They are struggling people trying to pay their bills and raise their kids. The Middle Class Party if you will.

Strangely, Donald Trump gets that.

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