Sunday, February 21, 2016

The Jester Stole The Kings Crown

He was supposed to be the one.  The big war chest of the money. The name.  The legacy. The conservative darling of party operatives who would take on Hillary with the comfort of a political dynasty behind him and a head wind of few challengers. Then...then that rich loud mouth. The Morton Downey of politics started blabbering. A rich mans son had never run into someone like that on the playground of elite prep schools and colleges. No those people never would have made the cut and they sure wouldn't talk that way to a Bush.

But the Donald did and the jester stole the kings crown. The coronation was never held and the wind must have felt cold and strange when Jeb Bush bowed out and the loud mouth stood up front and held court with his bimbo wife. Could things be any stranger. But Jeb never saw it coming and then when he did it was too late. Could he really be unseated by this guy who had no class no reputation and was the most obnoxious guy on the planet. He insulted Jeb, W, George, and even his mother. And still he beat him and beat him beat him.

The King could scarcely believe it had happened. Why not. Nobody else did and still doesn't. But years and years of yelling from the rooftops and Fox News had created a hurricane of anger and dissent and it finally spun out of control of the Republicans and now they really dont have a party, they have the Donald. So bye by American Pie, took my Chevy to the Levy and the levy was dry and good old boys singing this will be the day that I die...this will be the day that I die. Jeb can relate to Don Henly on that one.

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