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Friday, February 5, 2016

The Cool Guy and the Mom

You remember growing up. Dad was always cool and mom was always tense. Dad would breeze in from work and be the joking funny guy while mom was telling you to pick up your clothes take out trash brush your teeth and clean up your room. Dad made funny faces and set policy while mom did the shit work required to keep the house running .Mom worked on your homework while dad watched a ball game and if you asked him for some help he would stare at the math or your English and frown and then say you better ask your mother.

And now we have Bernie and Hillary. The cool guy who all the kids love and the Mom. If you watched the debate this dynamic was in perfect relief. There is Hillary looking tense and losing her temper while Bernie the dad played it cool and was the funny guy getting the laugh lines while mom did the shit work of saying you know that will never work. But Bernie played it with dad aplomb and  nobody wanted to hear Hillary's reality. Dad is cool and of course things will work out and mom is just all fussy and cranky and kind of a drag.

The truth is though without your mom your house would have imploded. Dad had no f-ing idea what was really going on. He had no idea you needed braces needed to go the doctor needed new clothes or that your teacher was on your ass. He had no idea you didn't have friends and mom made you cookies because you didn't make the team or weren't invited to a party. Dad was clueless and mom would let him come in and play the big man while she cleaned up the mess.

Bernie talks a big game and he is sincere. And Hillary looks like a harassed woman who just says no we cant. But the truth is she will do the heavy lifting that a modern President must do. Barack Obama did not do that heavy lifting and he paid a price. Bernie's vision is killer but Hillary knows the real score and knows how to run the house. Dad was  cool and we all loved him... but mom kept us alive.

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