Sunday, February 28, 2016

Madam President Put out the Berns Fire

Hillary extinguished the Bern in South Carolina. On this we can be clear. Bernie and company has already set their sites on the Midwest but Super Tuesday might just be a knockout punch. The South will deliver for Hillary. African Americans want the Obama agenda to continue and Hillary is carrying the torch. Berns Millennials want to believe the fire will still catch but there are only so many debt carrying college students who can attend rallies and scream about feeling the Bern. The rest of the people have to go to work and earn a living.

Madam President is clearly positioning herself to clinch the nomination and so we must look ahead to the Donald. And what does her strong support mean among the African American Community? Well put that on steroids when facing down the biggest racist the Republican party has produced probably since Strom Thurmon. The Donald will feel the wind as the minorities race to the polls to cast a vote for Hillary yes but also against the nightmare of a Trump presidency.

I am talking about the Latinos who do not want a man who is planning on shipping eleven million people in boxcars back to Mexico. If The Donald wants to believe that Latinos really like him he can do that at his peril. The real lesson of South Carolina is that this is the first shot across the bow of the SS Trump. He should take heed.

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