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Friday, February 26, 2016

African American Women Supporting Madam President

It would seem according to the Bernie devotees that the fact a woman could become the first official Woman President in the White House is not that big a deal. What were all those militant suffragettes up to anyway? So what if Alice Paul was imprisoned, force fed and then put in an insane asylum. Writing Madam President I was continually amazed that Edith and Woodrow Wilson could hear the suffragettes out by the White House gates in the dead of winter. Wilson who was not a fan of the vote initially asked the White House butler to see if they wanted some hot tea. The women refused.

A New York Times article says that African American women get it. They want to see the first woman in the White House. Maybe it is because they know how hard these milestones are.  A lot of African American women are familiar with racism and that change is hard fought. They have seen the first African American President and they have seen the struggle for change. They are not deaf to the moment when the glass ceiling can be broken on gender.

And while Sanders may hail a political revolution it is hard to see the revolution when a white Senator of many years is assuming the mantle of white men in power again. The political revolution would actually be electing the first official woman President of the United States. Now that would be revolutionary.

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