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Thursday, January 14, 2016

Review of the The Martian

Like a lot of people I wait for the movies I want to see to come out on cable. Sorry but the theatre is cost prohibitive. The Martian was on Buy Status and then finally it changed to Rent. Beautiful. So I stayed up late after the kids and the wife had gone to bed for Sci Fi indulgence. Alien. Blade Runner. Ridley Scott. Abyss. 2001. The Martian would not disappoint. Ah well, It turned out The Martian really was about someone on another planet namely Ridley Scott.

 The movie was a bore. Matt Damon gets left behind and  has to hack it out. The most memorable scene was Matt planting potatoes with left behind human excrement. After that it goes downhill. Jeff Bridges is the litmus test of hammy lines. How many times can people say "lets get our boy" or "bring him home." The engagement of the audience in this movie is non existent. And there is the music.Disco. Why oh why did Ridley think 70s disco music would get him over the hump of suspension of disbelief? It doesn't. But we have to suffer through Bowies Major Tom along with Donna Summers Hot Stuff.

All that aside the movie was as dead as the martian soil. The  ending was not only not believable but laughably stupid. Oh well. Next up Revenant and Tarratinos Western. The wait begins. 

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