Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Spam or Commercials? Selling Books Through Social Media

I just finished a library tour of twenty libraries and one of the most popular topics I covered was selling books through social media. The way I usually start this presentation is this: How many people here sit through five beer commercials during a football game and think nothing of it? Most people raise their hands. Or how about pickup commercials? Or Viagra commercials? We literally get hit with the same commercials back to back. And we think nothing of it.

But on the internet a curious word was created...spam. What does that even mean? Ok. Now why would companies put on so many commercials of the same product back to back? Because they know that humans pick up on things through REPETITION. Sales 101. You have to keep repeating the same message and then people start to pick up. Or IMPRESSIONS. You need to have X amount of impressions before someone buys.

Our new television is the internet. Sorry but it is. And we are marketed to in the same way. Repetition. Commercials. But people cry out they are being spammed. Really. No you are being advertised to in the same way you are getting smacked over the head during your football games. The price of the internet with all that free content is the advertising. It always has been. So to all you book marketers I say this: Spam is something you eat.

Get to work.

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