Sunday, February 1, 2015

Everything We Love and Hate About The Superbowl

What a game. I mean what a game. Doesn't matter what side you are on be you a Patriot or Seahawk fan that was a game for the books. And in that way the Superbowl was exactly what it was supposed to be. A game between the two very best teams. And it was. And of course we had to endure everything else that is the Superbowl. Take the commercials. Was it me but what happened to the funny commercials. Even GoDaddy went serious instead of bawdy.

I mean I know the NFL is remaking their image but did we have to sit through all those bad novels? What was the dad commercial all about. Or dad commercials. Be a good dad and drive a Nissan. Or the moody music commercials that went on and on and then ended up being about a truck or Budweiser. Or what about the girl commercials. Well I guess the NFL does have a domestic abuse problem. But I really felt like I was being given moral lessons between watching grown men try and destroy each other.

Katy Perry. Well she did ride around on a rocket swing. That was different. Poor Lenny Kravitz. One song that wasn't even his and you couldn't hear his guitar. But who were the rappers? They came out and took over the middle of the show. Maybe that was to give Katy time to get on her swing and sing about Fireworks. After the beach number with the singing sharks it had to get better.

And of course the fight at the end between the football players. That sure took it down a notch. You have to wonder what the rest of the world thinks about the Superbowl. Maybe they are like us. Awed. Amazed. Disgusted. Confused. Entertained. Sex and pickups and beer and commercials that strive to be art when they are very much commerce. I cant wait until next year.
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