Sunday, February 1, 2015

Doing the American Library Assocation Conference without a Table

You want to do something hard. Go to a conference of librarians without a table, a base of operations. So now you have to walk around and tell librarians about your new book. My new book is Jack Pine.  I have a rollaway suitcase full of books and brochures the publisher gave me. How to give them away then. Because that is all you do at the ALA conference; give away books.

You can do it outside the conference the guard tells me but not inside the conference hall. Fair enough. I open my suitcase of books and full color catalogs and go to work. Librarians are very nice people and are interested in a man in a suit coat with a book. So it works well for the first few hours and I have handed out one hundred brochures. I now go to my cards with CR scans of the book. These work well because the librarians are already loaded down with books.

Oh this is a good idea they say taking he cards. I blow through two hundred in another hour and give out a few books to those who seem like they would do something with them. I determined the librarians have enough books and literally cant carry anymore so the cards work well. A woman appears. Sir you cant do this. She is with another man. You have to have a table. The Man has just shut me down.

Oh sorry I say realizing I just have fifty cards left anyway. So I pack up my suitcase that is now mostly empty. On the way out to my car I give away my fifty remaining cards. So in total I gave away three hundred and fifty promotion pieces for the new book, Jack Pine. That is how you do the ALA Mid winter show without a table.
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