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Friday, January 30, 2015

The Final Parenthood

Television shows must end so must Parenthood. And so it did. After 120 episodes give or take a few Parenthood wrapped up dropping Zeke into a baseball field while the Bravermans played over his ashes. You know in that moment I really felt for old Zeke who was my least favorite character. Dying in his Lazy Boy recliner with Millie not even walking over but just sort of knowing...what a way to go. But go he did freeing up all the characters to play a final game of baseball and pursue their lives.

Millie beat it off to Paris. See ya Zeke you old ball and chain. Sarah married Hank and then lived in autistic bliss with Max their new Ace photographer. Cosby got the gonads to do the Lunchenette himself while Adam went back to being a corporate drone for a week until Christina gave him her job while she went scalable and started schools all over the country. Amber moved out and had an insta husband and became stable and middleclass and filmed a movie called Duff.

Dog faced Joel got over the fact that Julia banged a few guys while he was mooning after Pete but never acting on his carnal desires. What a man. And they adopted their sons sister and Julia went back to being a lawyer and body builder. Could they have put her in any tighter dresses? And lets see that leaves Drew to become President of the United States. See Parenthood II

And Zeke. He lives on in the ball field where balls mysteriously move by themselves and bats fly though the air. A Poletergeist reliving his best role. Millie is calling Bruce Willis about Die Hard 10 (see first Die Hard John McClains first wife)  Ah yes, parenthood sadly does end and so must sappy songs that drown out our angst, wondering if we did the right thing and was Hannah really gay or did they just have to get rid of a character that went nowhere?

We will never know.

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