Thursday, January 15, 2015

Finding the Novel Inside of You

What do you think of a couple who acts out x rated scenes to restart their love affair? Hmmm. Not much. I get this a lot. People throwing ideas my way. And I wont say an idea is bad but that is not where novels come from. I do a Seminar for Libraries called Finding the Novel Inside of You. In it I basically cover where ideas for books come from. And they do not come from the market.

Take Fifty Shades of Gray. How many books came out right after that. Fifty Shades of Black Fifty Shades of Pink, Of Amber, Of Orange. Many many rip off books. And yet only the original did well because of  a randy section in the middle that appealed to certain woman who happen to buy a lot of fiction. Chase that one and good luck. The only way it really works I tell people is that you have to write from the heart. Or from emotion.

Everything else is just ideas and ideas tend to dry up and blow away. But tap into someone's emotional treasure and now you have a book because suddenly it matters to them. Really finding the novel inside of you is about find out what matters most to you and then writing about it in a way other people can grab onto.

Or you can write 49.5 Shades of Turquois.
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