Saturday, December 13, 2014

The Christmas Pressure Cooker This Year

You know that bad news by now. We have basically one less week to get ready for Xmas...a mere 12 days away now. Unbelievable. This is because of the weird calendar year where Thanksgiving came late and we lost a precious week between turkey and Xmas. And there are not enough weekends now. And Christmas is coming so fast it is danger of passing us by. I do believe this will be the year we barely remember Christmas.

Of course in Chicago this is exacerbated by the warm weather we are having. Warm by our standards is forties. And there is no snow. But really it is about time. There just is not enough and a lot of traditions are going by the wayside because of that missing weekend. Getting down to the see the lights in the city or the windows at Macy might not make the cut. Forget that there is next weekend and then Christmas Thursday, it will be enough to get all the shopping done.

And it is too bad people are not allowed to take off work for a  week before. At least then we would have a fighting chance to enjoy the holiday before it slips by and we are suddenly on the far side of a New Year.  Oh well, Merry Christmas before it all is all over.

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