Thursday, December 25, 2014

Real Santa Chapter 46 MERRY CHRISTMAS!

MEGAN STARED AT the fireplace. Bits of black creosote fell

down onto the hearth like black snow. Megan kept her video camera

on the fireplace, barely breathing, scarcely able to believe she was

going to see Santa Claus emerge from the chimney with his gifts. This

moment contained the biggest question for her: How did Santa mange

to fit down the chimney with all his gifts? How did he actually climb

back up the chimney? Was he able to simply recreate the chimney
the way they did in The Santa Clause movie?

More pieces of creosote rained down into the fireplace and littered

the hearth. Then larger black pieces fell with heavy thuds. Some exploded

like small black bombs. This had never happened in any movie

Megan could remember. Now she became aware of other sounds.

Santa Claus was breathing heavy, grunting, thudding. Megan lowered

her camera and walked closer to the fireplace. The creosote was falling

like sand, as if someone was kicking the sides of the chimney. A cloud

of coal dust rolled into the living room, and somewhere far above

her she heard Santa again. His voice was deep and hollow, but that

might be because he was in a chimney. Megan stepped back into the

shadows and positioned herself. The sounds were getting louder, and

the size and amount of creosote had increased to a black avalanche.

Megan felt her heart and raised the camera again. Santa was

breathing very heavy and seemed to be grunting. A large black rock

of creosote hit the hearth and exploded like a small meteorite. The

sound stopped and Megan kept her eye on the camera, waiting for

Santa Claus to emerge in her living room. She bit her lip to make sure

she wasn’t dreaming. Here was the undisputable proof that not only
did Santa exist, but he had come down her chimney after landing on

her roof, and this proof would stream out into the world! She just had

to keep her camera aimed at the opening of their fireplace

A minute went by. Then another. Then another. Megan hit the

stop button and looked over her camera. She tiptoed up the fireplace

and bent her head, listening closely. There was no sound, then she

heard a single grunt, an expulsion of breath, then some dull cursing

followed by Santa’s voice echoing far up the chimney.

“I’m stuck!”

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