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Chapter 43 Real Sant (6 Days to Xmas)

THE BELL STARTED ringing, and Megan opened her eyes.

“He’s here! He’s here!” she exclaimed, jumping up.

Megan threw off the covers and stepped into her slippers. She

grabbed the video camera and ran over to the window. She moved

the curtain aside and pressed the on button. She saw fog and thick

white snow in the viewing screen. There was a whirring sound.

“Oh, my gosh,” she gushed.

The world had become quite still. There was only a thick fog and

a light like a distant train coming toward her. Then she saw Santa

and his reindeer in the sky.

“It’s Santa,” she whispered excitedly.

Megan kept the camera on as Santa and his sleigh floated down

through the sky. Then the house shook and the crystal horse on her

dresser crashed as pictures fell off the wall and the bedside lamp fell

to the floor. The house groaned and shook, and Megan thought it

might just come apart. Then she heard a man scream out a swear

word. Megan kept the camera glued to the image floating against

the fog and snow.

“I can’t believe it, I can’t believe it,” she whispered, feeling her

legs shaking and a strange warmth all over her body. “Santa is real

he is real!”

The pounding hooves became louder and louder as the

the whole house shook again, and she felt something under her feet.

Megan knew then Santa had landed because she heard the creak of

the roof and the heavy drumbeat of hooves. Reindeer hooves! Her

softball trophies and bowling trophies and her bulletin board fell

from the wall. The windowpanes shook. The lights flickered. Megan

kept her eye to the camera, feeling her hand shaking. This was the

moment! Now was when Santa would pull up outside her window. The

snow was thick and the fog was like a grey veil. The house sounded

like it was splitting apart as Megan saw reindeer crash through the

white, filmy snow and smoke like phantoms.

The reindeer seemed to be trying to stop and the windowpanes

were shaking again, and she heard snorting and a man’s voice. It

sounded oddly like her father, but of course all men sounded like

her father.

“I can’t believe reindeer are on my roof!” Megan screamed, squealing,

talking to the camera. And then the nine reindeer streamed past

her, shaking snow, snorting, smoking, slushing, lunging, eyes wild, fur

wet, and antlers high. Then a sled broke into view with a large man

in a brilliant white beard, standing up and pulling back on the reins

with all his might, screaming: “STOP! STOP! STOP, YOU DUMB


And the reindeer locked their legs, and the terrific shaking

stopped. Megan couldn’t speak. She just couldn’t speak. She had

Santa’s voice on tape as the sled slid to a halt with the reindeer snorting

and shaking their heads. They stood in front of Megan with their

fur slicked and steaming, puffing smoke from their nostrils like locomotives.

“The reindeer are pooping,” Megan whispered, moving her camera

down the length of the nine large reindeer stepping on the poop, then

centering on Santa and what looked like one of his elves. “Santa has

an elf with him,” Megan whispered, staring at Santa as he wiped his

brow, shaking his head, looking like an astronaut getting out of the

command module, taking a step onto the roof with a loud thump.


Megan exclaimed to the world in tearful joy, “Santa Claus has

just landed on my roof!”

Just then Santa Claus paused, and she wondered if she had been

too loud. He looked directly at her window, and she stepped to the

side. “He might have just seen me,” she whispered, feeling like the

TV character iCarly, explaining to her viewers what was happening.

She peered around and saw Santa moving again with his elf. “His elf

has a beard and is smaller,” Megan continued in a low voice. “Santa

is just like you think he would be … maybe a little fatter … a little

older, kind of dumpy looking.”

“HO HO …” He coughed and began spitting.

“Santa has a cough,” Megan whispered.

“Uhhh,” Santa groaned.

Megan followed him as he picked up an enormous sack of toys

form the sled.

“He has the presents!” she whispered feverishly.

Santa approached the chimney with the elf and stopped at the

base and looked up. Megan thought Santa shook his head and the elf

said something. Santa shook his head again, and the elf held out his

hands for his boot. Santa pushed up then grabbed on to the sides of

the chimney like a man hugging a tree. Megan zoomed in and couldn’t

be sure, but Santa did not look happy on the side of the chimney.

“He’s starting to climb the chimney,” Megan whispered, keeping

the camera pointed out her window.

Santa slowly started to climb the chimney with the presents over

his shoulder, almost like there were steps. Megan followed Santa to

the top of the chimney, where he paused and wiped his brow. He

seemed to be waiting for something.

“I better get down to the living room. He’s going to be coming

down the chimney, and I want to see him come out,” she whispered,

turning off the camera. Megan then left the window to run down

stairs and wait for Santa Claus.

Real Santa

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