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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

You Are As Old As You Feel

A study in the New York Times has confirmed what I suspected. You are as young as you feel. Researchers took a bunch of men in their seventies and eighties and put them back in an environment where they felt young again. The entire world was turned back to their time when they were young men. And when they came out after a week they were more spry, sharper, more with it in every way. Hmmm...

When I was in college I knew a guy who came back after a divorce and a bad job. He looked at that time like he was in his thirties when in fact he was probably just twenty seven. After two years of college he looked to be in his early twenties. Living the college life again had turned back the clock for him. Certainly we see this time and time again. People who look and act old are old. Whereas people who see themselves as young, feel young and a lot of times look younger.

They are now doing a study with cancer patients. The mind body connection is a lot more powerful than medical science has let on. The patients are all being turned back to a time when they were cancer free and are being surrounded by shows and movies of that era. It all begs a really interesting question. How much of aging is our mind telling out bodies how old we are?

It makes you wonder.

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