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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The End of Brands

NY Times is cutting 100 newsroom jobs. Other newspapers are doing the same. They also said their NY TIMES OPINION app didn't really work out. Nobody subscribed. And that NY TIMES NOW an app aimed at younger viewers was not faring much better. So the question is why aren't people flocking to buy the NYTIMES on the digital format? The paper you understand but the digital format....could it be the end of brands as we know them.

The New York Times is the top of the mountain for a lot of people. But people get their news from so many sources now and like everything else brands are giving way to convenience. Take my class. Not only do a lot of them not have  cable but they aren't even watching television on their computers...they are watching it on their phones. And why is that? Because it is the easiest most convenient way to watch TV.

And there isn't a big rush to a particular show. Maybe some Kardashians. Maybe some Pretty Little Liars. The point is that the very ubiquitous nature of our entertainment maelstrom and our multiple sources for news precludes allegiance to a brand. Put another way. The NY TIMES can come up with fifty different apps. But it wont change the habits of one one eighteen year old picking up what is happening from twitter or snap chat or yahoo.

Whatever is easiest...right?

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