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Friday, October 24, 2014

Pity the Ebola

Just got here. Wow. America. New York City! Just like I pictured. Skyscrapers and everything. And I have a great host. A doctor. Sooo...lets check out the city. Eight million people. Eight million. Smorgasboard. Whooh. Beats Africa and those crappy villages. So...lets go for a cab ride. Very cool. Handling money and credit cards. Maybe I'll just leave my mark on the seat here while I see the sites. Man this is so urban! Just like television.

Ok that cab was cool. Now what doctor? Ah...the subway! Man. This is cool. Underground. Dark. Moist. Ebola weather. And all these people! Wow. In a tube shooting under the city. Amazing. Just amazing. And the doctor is bumping up against all these people. Easy jump here. Just a little brush up against someone. Maybe a good cough. A sneeze. Wow. The subway is just so New York!

Alright back up and what is this? Bowling? This is cool. So you roll this ball and it hits these pins and guess what the doctor tried out like ten balls. Yeah baby. Sweat. Residue. Ebloa cha cha cha. the doctor is burning it down. How about another game? What...the hospital? No. No. NO. Not the dudes in the funky suits. Ah crap.

Boring. Stuck in this plastic tent. Come on. We still have to see the Statue of Liberty and the Empire State Building. What about Central Park? Lets go catch a football game. Doc. You really are being a party pooper here. Literally. Alright. Alright. Guess I'll just hang out...and multiply. What a drag.
Real far would you go for your kids?

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