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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Dad Days

Occasionally going past the ball fields I'll think back on those Dad Days with my son. Maybe it is that old line from Risky Business. "Time of your life huh kid." And when you are going to all those games and being assistant coach or just watching you are having the time of your life. You really need someone to sneak up on you and go Hey...cherish these because they slip by quickly.

I remember once a very long time ago my son and I were drinking pop and eating potato chips in front of the hardware store and a man walked by and smiled and said just that: "cherish these moments they slip by quickly." He was right.  Suddenly your son is at college or working and you just wonder where all that time went.  My last three novels Rocket Man, The Pitcher, and Real Santa are really all about the Dad Days. I see that now.

And I have two daughters and so my Dad Days are far from over but those days of going to a dusty field with other dads and yelling at our sons to hit and catch and run and then going to McDonalds or Dairy Queen afterward and having the satisfaction of taking just about all life has to offer at that moment in time...that is over.

So it is just those old ball fields now...silent reminders of something that passed.
The Pitcher
Real Santa

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