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Friday, October 31, 2014

Breaking News! Dad Proves Santa is Real!

A man in a suburb of Chicago has proved that Santa is real. He has proven the physics of Santa and that a man can land a sled on a roof and go down the chimney and deliver gifts then fly away. George Kronenfeldt an unemployed engineer had two giant ramps built to his roof. He then employed a movie director using snow machines, digital projectors, and smoke machines with two mountaineers by the chimney with pulleys and ropes.

Kronenfeldt bought nine reindeer and then got in a sled and had the reindeer gallop onto the roof. Digital projectors then projected Santa onto smoke with snow billowing out of the snow machines. George then went to the chimney and was lowered down his chimney. After getting stuck halfway down he went down and delivered the gifts.

Going back up with a harness he became stuck again and almost fell back down. After reaching the top of the chimney he got back in his sled and directed the reindeer back down another giant ramp built to his roof. Kronenfeldt said he did it to prove to his daughter that Santa was real.

By all accounts he has succeeded. A book covering his project is out now. Kronenfeldt is rumored to be taking on the Easter Bunny next.

Real Santa...Holiday Special 1.99


"If somebody doesn't make a movie out of this book, there's something wrong with the world. This could have been played as an out-and-out slapstick comedy, but instead the author approaches the story like a character study: a portrait of a man with the best intentions in the world watching those intentions collide with reality. It's a steamroller of a story, starting small, with George's idea, and getting bigger and bigger as George tries to put the elements together, as his obsession takes him further and further away from reality. Beautifully done."                                                                                                 
                                                                                                 David Pitts Booklist

"The author marries the everyday dramas found in the novels of Tom Perrotta and Nick Hornby to the high camp of Carl Hiaasen or Dave Barry. Adults looking for a funny holiday-themed tale that doesn't lose its sense of wonder in the face of realism will find a treat here. A lovingly crafted comedy about the madness that fatherhood inspires."
                                                                                              Kirkus Reviews

Best-selling author Hazelgrove (e.g., Ripples; Tobacco Sticks) captures the human need to believe in something good.  This book will satisfy readers looking for a happy Christmas story.-- Library Journal

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                                                                                              Publishers Weekly


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