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Friday, September 12, 2014

Who Wants To Make A Christmas Movie?

There has been a fair amount of studio interest in Real Santa my story of a man who becomes Santa Claus to keep his daughters belief in Santa alive. Lets face it since Elf there has not been any great family movies so maybe the studios think Real Santa  might be the answer. I started thinking about what makes a great Christmas movie and I settled on some basics.

One a Christmas myth in danger of being shattered. Miracle On 34th Street takes on the concept that Santa Claus could be real if someone said they really were Santa Claus. Who is to say they are not Santa Claus. And John Gailey the lawyer attempts to prove Kris Kringles authenticity in court and his bailed out by the United States Post office giving him proof that Santa does indeed exist. The myth of Santa Claus remains intact.

Or the moral allegory. Its a Wonderful Life. George has thrown away his life and now he has a chance to find what he has missed. All this of course done by an angel Clarence. Same with the Cary Grant movie The Bishops Wife. The path not chosen by David Niven is pointed out by the antics of the angel Dudley. The moral is that we may be redeemed through the miracle of Christmas

Of course there are the movies that are just entertainment Christmas fodder. White Christmas, Holiday Inn, National Lampoons Christmas Vacation. Feel good films celebrating the nuttiness of Christmas. Where Real Santa fits in probably somewhere between a moral allegory and the nuttiness of Christmas.

We will see if there is room for one more Xmas movie.
Real far would you go for your children?

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