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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Our Fascination with Dead Celebrities

Poor Robin. Poor  Joan. You are buying peanut butter and there is Robin Williams. And there he is again. And again. And again. And if you have forgotten that he was in Mork and Mindy there he is all of twenty something in his Mork costume. And right next to it there he is right before he hung himself. And there he is in Dead Poets Society. Good Morning Vietnam. Forget that he was persona non grata until he committed suicide. It is like he just won an Oscar for best death.

And then there is Joan Rivers. That thirty year old face on that eighty two year old body. She is there too as you buy your coffee your toilet paper and your trash bags. She is there looking younger than her daughter and then there is a picture of her in the Carson years before she pissed off Johnny for good and that was that. But mostly there is this plastic Joan looking like a very young sexy blond except we know she is somewhere under that face. And now she has been brought back now that she died.

It would seem the way for old has been celebs to gain immortality is to die. It doesn't seem to matter if it is suicide or not. But the media machine cranks into overdrive and gives us every phase of their life. Phillip Seymour Hoffman did not seem to experience this as much. We had a spate of photos and then it seemed to go away. Maybe it is the longevity thing. But one thing is for sure. If Robin was depressed over his slipping career he can rest easy now.

Because he is back. Oh. And so is Joan.
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