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Monday, September 22, 2014

How To Write A Novel

Start with an emotion. One that is close to your heart. Then dress it up with a character one that really moves. Then start with a sentence one that grabs you and doesn't let you go. Follow that with another sentence that sets a tone and allows the reader to gain confidence. Follow that with a paragraph that gives you a tempo and a rhythm. Follow that with a page that begins a world.

Now you are rolling. Writing that first chapter is the first shot across the bow of your story that has to be told. And of course one good thing begins another so you start the second chapter then a third then a fourth. No one can stop you now and you have created a ship that sailing along and taking the reader with you. Bail out all the nonessentials because it really is only the light touch that moves one into the chambers of the human heart.

Take the unexpected turn because no surprise for you is no surprise for the reader. Tears are expected and sweat and grime and grimace. Above all else make it live like a dancer on a brightly lit stage. Then run for the end like man whose life depends on it. Then when you are done circle around and begin again like the craftsman who will never be satisfied. Don't stop until you are sure nothing more can be done.

That is how you write a novel.
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