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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Baseball Fields in the Dusk

Had to go over and drop off some stuff before the signing on Saturday at the Kane County Cougars Stadium. I found the office and dropped off the sign and some cards and then was walking back to my car when I saw the open gate. Yeah. I had to do it. The sun was slanting down and there was no one there. What the hell. So I walked in and up to the edge of the ball field.

And I just stared at the empty field with the breeze blowing over it. Minor League Feeder Team For The Cubs. But how many guys make it? How many dreams go on and never come back. And while I'm standing there a guy walks up behind me. Yeah. I do it too he says. I stare at him. I mean stare at the field when no one is around. I mean its my job to keep the skunks out. You know the animals. But when no one is here. I go out there and sometimes I stand on the mound you know. And I wind up and just pitch.

He laughs. I cant do it very well. I had bone cancer and they put cement in my back but what the hell I can stand there and see what they see you know. He looks at me then. What do you do? I tell him and he smiles. So you wrote that thats' great. I guess you love the game about as much as I do. And then we just stand there not talking and staring at the field.  He shakes his head.

All those dreams huh?
Yeah. All those dreams.

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