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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Waffle Men

There is a picture of my dad in his twenties holding a spatula. He had three kids at the time and lived in a small house. He is in his robe and fixing the proverbial weekend breakfast of waffles. So I see this tradition of waffles  fixed by the dad of the house has deep roots. On vacations the waffle men appear and will do a victory run for the whole week of waffles. This is in celebration of the days of leisure.

And all over America this goes on. I don't know about other countries but here fathers fire up the griddle and mix the batter and make sure the syrup is out they start serving up the waffles. The waffle is a classic food because it is so simple. Once the griddle is hot all that is left is to mix up the batter and pour and wait. And while you wait you call out "WHO WANTS WAFFLES?"  Inevitably the sleepy eyes appear.

And then you cant give away enough waffles. You go through a couple bowls of batter and finally everyone is full of dough and syrup. And then the waffle man sits down with his cup of coffee and has his waffles. It is a meal well deserved and the waffle man only sees clear skies.

At least until Monday where cereal returns.

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