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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The Writers Vacation

Writers don't really take vacations they just change where they work. But saying that a vacation is about the only place you give yourself permission to do the kind of work you like. Reading is work. Writing is work. Yet during the normal days you give yourself over to the work of making money. A different focus altogether. But on a vacation it is actually ok to read and write and think.

And you would think well this is what a writer does. But only a writer who is not under pressure and I don't know many of those. Pressure makes you constantly re evaluate what you are doing. Is this going to make a difference? Is this going to sell books? I should be doing more. Is this marketable? What am I not doing?

And these thoughts do not give you the permission to sit down and read a book for enjoyment. Or to write something that may not end up between two covers. You just don't. But on a vacation you are able to go back to when you first started and pick up a book that you really wanted to read or to write something that just hits you.

I guess that is why they call them vacations.


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