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Thursday, July 10, 2014

The Summer is Not Passing

But the corn is already high. I am way out in the country on my bike and a field just two weeks before was short nubby green rows has now become corn higher than my waist. And it gets me thinking. Is the summer really passing? No. The summer is not passing. Then why do I notice the light changing already? What is that weird cool snap at night.

Ok. Cool Summer. We are not having a hot one so far. This is all just after Fourth of July jitters. There is still baseball. There is still the pool. The kids are still home. Nothing has changed yet. Fall is not close. We are at mid summer and there are many days of biking left. Still there is that nagging feeling that something is slipping away.  And you want to grab it before the water slips through your fingers like those old stone fountains you used to drink from at the playgrounds.

So I ride on and it is deep summer again. The slowed time is there. Summer is not passing. Still...the corn is high.
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