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Monday, July 7, 2014

About Last Night

You know that old movie set in the mid eighties with Demi Moore and Rob Lowe based on Mamets play Sexual Perversity in Chicago that catalogued that amazing time after college in Chicago when all you had to do was go to work party and find the love of your life. Well I watched it again and like all movies from that era I was amazed at the great times it brought back. My wife and I both lived in Chicago during those years and were actually coming out of a bar across form Mothers on Rush Street when they filmed the New Years Even scene complete with  movie snow.

And a girl I went to high school with appeared in one of the final scenes as her only moment of contextual close to Rob and Demi and Jim Belushi she could touch them but then she fell into obscurity as did the movie after years passed. But there are movies that bring back a moment in time with the crystal clarity of a clock striking the hour and About Last Night does this very well. Yes it is a brat pack eighties movie but Mamets script anchors the movie and it has moments where it takes flight.

And if you were in Chicago during the eighties. And if you had just graduated from college. And if you lived in old brownstones and went to the bars on Rush Street and if you stayed out all night and walked in the surf of Lake Michigan as dawn broke then you watch this movie as if someone had filmed your life and you end up with a hell of a nostalgia hangover when it ends.

And you wonder for the millionth time...where did all that go? Demi dumped by Ashton. Rob busted for peeping. Still...there was a moment. Ah well...Boats against the current....


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