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Saturday, June 28, 2014

The Best Way to Push a Book

There is no best way. There is every way. As a publisher said to me a long time ago you have to do everything now. And what everything is nobody can say. One thing is for sure you better get creative and always be thinking about the next thing. Online promotion is clearly the best ways authors can affect their sales. Going to bookstores will only get you so far if most of the bookstore don't have your book. In essence you are now the bookstore.

And that does mean social media. And that does mean paid promotions. And it does mean standing outside Kane County Cougar Stadium handing out baseball cards for your book. Something which I have done many times for The Pitcher. And going to every festival you can find and always carrying the card with your book on it because you never know who you might bump into.

And it means trying to network And it means doing libraries and schools and bookstores. It means doing radio and television if you can get it. And it means trying the weird stuff that is just emerging on the net. Who had ever heard of Fiverr six months ago?

So the best way to promote your book? Do everything then do everything else.
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