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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Likeability in age of the Internet

Watching a band do bad cover songs at a festival. Eighties band. Between the Romantics and the Go Gos and Bon Jovi the singer says. HEY LIKE US ON FACEBOOK AND TWITTER AND EVERYWHERE. Then they go back to playing. The drums are too loud and you cant hear the keyboards and they aren't even together. The singer stops again. HEY GO TO OUR SITE AND LIKE US. Then they play Prince and massacre a bunch of his songs.

And it gets me thinking because the crowd is in to them. I mean they are playing to families who just want some diversion and people will probably go like them and I would if I liked them. But I don't. I don't like them. They are a bad band.No soul. No talent. They just like being on stage.  Liking should say I like this. I approve of this. But we have people telling us to like them for Google Ranking and linking. A bit like friends on Facebook. Since when was friend a verb?

But the band plays on and they are even sponsored by a beer company and they have a trailer and they sell T shirts. And the singer stops again. HEY LIKE US ON FACEBOOK AND TWEET US AND LET EVERYONE KNOW ABOUT US. And then he destroys Pink Floyd.
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