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Monday, June 30, 2014

Just About Everyone is an Indie Authors

I am an Indie Author though I came up the traditional side. I was with Bantam and received the advance commensurate with large publishers and did the big media People, NY Times, Chicago Tribune, NPR and then everything changed. But even when I was with Bantam I was essentially an Indie author. Just about everyone is really.

And how would you define an indie author. Try this one. Thou that cannot get shelf space in the bookstores. That would knock out just about everybody except for the chosen few. And while my books are in the bookstores they do not dominate in any form except for the Indie Bookstores who have actually taken a hand in selling and have read the book and believe in it. After that I am one of the many spine out at best.

But even when I had the two books come out with Bantam they had a short shelf life. They were there and then they were gone. And one of them hit the National Bestseller list but even this was not enough to keep my book in front of the public. The media I received I had to take a hand in and in fact everything good that happened with my books came from me pushing very hard.

So this whole Indie versus traditional is sort of silly. I don't care if you are with Random House or some little three book publisher. Your fight is still the same. It is simply the fight to be seen.
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