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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Graduation Day

Its all the things you might have missed. Because it was just yesterday you brought them home in a stroller and walked around your neighborhood. You remember seeing the old professor next door seeing his son off to college and  watched him hug his son with the car packed and thought so that is how it ends. And now it is Graduation Day and you are looking for a towel in your sons room and realize you might have missed something.

Because it is fast since that day in the apple orchard or the carnival or the million things you do with your son or daughter. And then it is over and you are  putting on a tie to watch them walk down the aisle and graduate highschool. And there is no time for sadness but a nagging question of did you let it slip through your fingers.

Once you were in a hammock with your baby and the woman from next door came over and took a picture of you. I just wanted to  know what it feels like because my kids all just left she explained. You got it but of course you didn't. And now it is Graduation Day and you want to take a picture because you do get it.

And there is nothing you can do about it.

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