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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Authors Books and Movies

So you just sold your book to the movies and now you wait. Scripts can take a while and you wonder if they will get the essence of your book. Of course on one hand you want a good movie and on the other you just want to see it come out. All this sort of flows together into the big Hollywood bowl where David OSelznick waits along with all those starlets and guys in tuxedos and the Academy Awards loom and you are getting your speech ready.

Of course you still need a screenplay and it is no small thing to take a novel and make it come alive on a screen without seeming like it is a hacked up child. There is talk of Kevin Kostner. It is decided he should see it first. So you watch Field of Dreams looking for clues. You find none except an old movie with a thin plot. Build it and they will come. So you hope.

And this is the writers dream to walk into the theatre and see your name on the screen. There is actual verbage about how big your name should be on the screen and when it should appear in the contract. In your dream you have settled in with your friends and family and the screen goes to black and then the title appears and then your credit. And everyone claps.

It is Hollywood after all.
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