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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Wrigley Turns One Hundred 1914-2014

I was just there the other day dropping off copies of my book and I saw the banner. One Hundred Years Old. 1914-2014. Amazing. But of course that is the magic of the field. It belongs to another time. The ivy covered walls and the snug feel of the park and the view of the lake on a hot summer day with a hot dog and a beer and some peanuts and you are lost in time. The baseball game plays out and the moment slows and all that hurried stress of the twenty first century slithers away.

I lived four blocks West of Wrigley for about three years. My wife and I had rented an apartment on Wayne Street and on summer days you could hear the crowd roar like the surf of the ocean. And I took it for granted. Yeah Wrigley Field. Chicago. Wrigley Field. They just were the same to me. But when I moved further west and getting to a ballgame became trickier I really began to understand how unique Wrigley was.

They tore down Comiskey and put up Cellular Field for the Sox. It is a great place to watch a game with lots of space and parking and easy concessions. But there is something missing. Maybe it is the people from the neighborhoods who go to every game. Or the way the ball bounces off the ivy covered back wall or the bleacher bums facing you every game.

But it is probably those hundred years that sit in the middle of a city in a green field that defies all logic. Men playing a game we played as kids and on a field that belongs to a memory.
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