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Monday, April 28, 2014

The Words You Should Hear From Your Agent: I Love Your Book!

I love your book! If you don't hear that then move on. I have heard everything from you are going to make a million dollars to  keep writing baby. I have heard agents say they like my work they can sell my work they see my work as highly marketable. But those three words I love your book are really what you are looking for. Why? Because if an agent doesn't love  your book then they will not do what it takes in a very tough market.

It is a litmus. A bad agent is worse than no agent at all. Because you sit around waiting to hear and a lot of times you are waiting for nothing. Many agents have lots of clients and you could be way down on the food chain. That means they are not pushing your book and that means you should move on. But many authors don't and their work suffers.

So you really want to hold out until you get those three words. I love your book. You probably want an exclamation point after that sentence. You really want someone who loves your book almost as much as you do.  And that is someone hard to find but worth the wait.

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