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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Where is that Basketball when you need it?

So the big rap was always that we are being watched. That GPS tracks our every move and that we have satellites that can zoom down and find you playing basketball and could even tell you what kind of basketball you are playing with. Big Brother is everywhere. Just look at Google maps where the picture of your destination flares up in your phone. Wow. We really have mapped every inch of the planet. Just don't misplace your plane.

Now a Boeing 777 is not small. We can not fit it in our garage or our backyard. Maybe a football field. Yet we have misplaced our jet. You know the  jet that disappeared and everyone thought fell into the ocean and now it turns out it continued flying for seven hours but no one saw it. And no one knows where it went. So while you and I can find Jacks Dairy Queen in the middle of Wisconsin and even see what Jacks Dairy Queen looks like nobody can seem to find a plane with 239 people on board.

So what we are saying that even with  a satellite above at 25,000 miles that the best we can do is transfix a ping. But GPS or radar or the vaunted Google Big Brother Eye...ah no. Nope. Sorry we just don't know where that big mother went. So where is the GPS? Sorry switched off. Oh ok. And after that it's just anyones' guess. I don't know about you but I am going to shoot hoops now feeling much more secure that me and my basketball are anonymous once more.'s a Wilson by the way.
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