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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Pitcher and Divergent...David and Goliath

Maybe you have heard of the girl from Barrington IL who penned Divergent. Twenty something who wrote a Hunger Games Esq dystopian novel that has sold millions of copies. And now the movie is out. And maybe you have heard of The Pitcher story of a Mexican American kid with nothing but his dream. What you haven't heard is that there is voting going on a for a District Wide Summer Read and Divergent is 29 percent while The Pitcher is 25. Truly it is David and Goliath,

And whenever you go up against a megaseller then you know the odds are against you. There are only a few Divergents that blow the roof off and when a book hits that  level then the quality of the book is secondary. The noise of the book is what matters then. I am not trashing Divergent I am merely pointing out that as a writer you always have these Lottery Books that are literally worth millions to the author.

And The Pitcher is David and Divergent is Goliath. And I would like to say that people should vote for The Pitcher because the book really does matter but I don't know if that translates in the age of mega-sellers. Lets face it most books are never heard of again and the few Divergents suck up most the oxygen. Then again...there is that underdog thing...much like Ricky who has literally nothing but his dream to sustain him.

So in the end The Pitcher has to be David. It is only fitting.
The Pitcher...sometimes a dream is all you have


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